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Silicon carbide tubular heat exchanger

     Six advantages The silicon carbide heat exchanger produced by our company has such advantages as comprehensive and strong anticorrosive performance, good heat exchange effect, long service life, etc. It is the best substitute for stainless steel and graphite heat exchangers. With such features as high efficiency, energy saving, good cleanliness, stable quality, small space and super-long service life, the product has important significance to continuous and normal running of industrial production.。
◆Comprehensive anticorrosive Performance
Silicon carbide is a strong anticorrosive material, which can resist high strength nitric acid, mixed acids, alkalis, oxidants, organic acids and chloric acid. The silicon carbide heat exchanger is an excellent substitute for traditional metal heat exchangers and stainless steel heat exchangers.
◆Typical anticorrosive performance

◆Excellent heat conduction and energy saving effect
The thermal conductivity of silicon carbide is almost equal to that of commonly used graphite tubes, and far higher than that of other materials. Its thermal conductivity is 2 times that of tantalum, 5 times that of stainless steel, 10 times that of Hastelloy, and 15 times that of glass lining. The excellent thermal conductivity enables the silicon carbide heat exchanger to have such features as high efficiency and energy saving, and greatly lowers the requirements for the heat exchange area.
◆Super-long service life
The service life of the silicon carbide heat exchanger is several times higher than that of other heat exchangers. It ensures continuous running of enterprise production, greatly reduces maintenance and servicing costs of enterprise production equipment, and achieves prominent benefits.

◆The most advanced sealing technology
At the connection part of the silicon carbide heat exchanger and equipment shell, we use the most advanced sealing technology independently researched and developed by our company. The technology has been granted a national patent, making the sealing performance of our products at the leading edge among other similar products in China.
◆Clean high temperature and high pressure resistance
Silicon carbide is a high function material with the best hardness among all materials for heat exchanger tubes. It is a sealing body without using any immersion. Its hardness is 50% higher than that of tungsten carbide. Even under extremely high temperatures and pressures, it has super strong anti-wear performance and complete impermeability. It allows media to pass at a high speed and the heat exchange rate is high. High hardness of silicon carbide heat exchange tubes also means that it will not pollute media in high purity applications. The silicon carbide tube is a kind of very clean heat exchange tube.


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