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Advantages of spiral twisted tube heat exchanger in the pharmaceutical and fine chemical process
News Source:   2014-04-16 18:07:00

Advantages of spiral twisted tube heat exchanger in the pharmaceutical and fine chemical process

    Helix screw thread pipe heat exchanger is a shell and tube type is currently the world's most advanced heat exchanger, since entering the China market in the pharmaceutical and fine chemical process system can be recognized with the industry, compared with the traditional heat exchanger, spiral tube heat exchanger used in all kinds of materials, condensation, cooling and heating the system has the following

Eight advantages:

1)High heat transfer efficiency, good cooling effect
Helix screw thread pipe heat exchanger for heat exchanger tube into the design of winding structure of screw threads, this structure has greatly changed the flow state of the fluid, the formation of the turbulence effect is strong; and because of the heat exchange tube length of shell length of 4-6 times the unique design of the heat medium in the heat exchanger tube long residence time to ensure the heat

exchange,Such materials can be fully cooled in a reflux condenser, improving the recovery rate. Combined with the application of a number of raw materials companies in the operations report, spiral twisted tube heat exchanger capacity per unit heat transfer area is 3-5 times of traditional tube heat exchanger; the operation noise less than 60 decibels. To achieve high efficiency and energy saving

、environmental protection。

2) The entire stainless steel material quality, long service life
Helix screw thread pipe heat exchanger of stainless steel material, in accordance with the provisions of ASME the design life of 40 years. By Erwin (OWEN) turbulence buffeting frequency criterion principle, the heat exchange tube minimum clearance design, can effectively eliminate the chattering phenomenon of turbulence. Prolong the service life of the heat exchanger.

3) A more compact size
Helix screw thread pipe heat exchanger volume only general domestic of shell and tube heat exchanger with a volume of about 1/5, save the space; at the same time because of its small size, light weight, convenient installation, disassembly and cleaning, reducing installation and maintenance costs;

4) High heat transfer coefficient
The heat transfer coefficient reflects the heat exchanger performance or not, under certain conditions, the spiral tube heat exchanger heat transfer coefficient can reach the highest 14000w/m2 - C. The same conditions, the heat transfer coefficient is about 7 times of the traditional shell and tube heat exchanger to 5, under the same conditions, the heat exchange area is only about 1/5.

5) high temperature and high pressure
   Spiral twisted tube heat exchanger heat exchanger, the maximum temperature of 400 degrees Celsius, the pressure of 1.6MPa (16 kg), all of our products are by 3.2MPa (32 kg) pressure test, to ensure the safe and reliable use.

6) low noise operation
The internal structure design to take into account the < > sound resonance allowable criterion (Eisnger criterion and Bevins criterion), can effectively restrain the acoustic standing wave vibration phenomenon, maximum limit the running noise, heat exchanger running almost no noise;

7) advanced design is not easy to scale
To reduce the temperature gradient, reduce the scale factors of internal node equipment; the connection is not dead; 100, improve the surface finish of the heat exchange tube, reduce the fouling factor; the spiral structure, the flow state of fluid changes greatly, the formation of strong turbulence effect; because the stream is spiral flow,

fluid in centrifugal force effect of

on the tube wall has a strong erosion effect, automatic flushing pipe, reduce the scaling tendency; the key is to improve the flow rate of 5.5m/s (Design for traditional 1.2m/s) that is not easy to scale and dirt; is the main reason of not easy to fouling of heat exchangers.

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