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Energy saving, safety - helix screw thread pipe condenser used in pharmaceutical raw materials, pharmaceutical intermediates
News Source:   2014-04-16 18:28:02

Energy saving, safety - helix screw thread pipe condenser used in pharmaceutical raw materials, pharmaceutical intermediates

         In the production process of pharmaceutical raw materials, solvent recovery with the condenser performance directly determines the recovery cost, the investment cost of equipment, production efficiency, production safety coefficient. All stainless steel condenser performance is due to its high efficiency and energy saving, safety in production of pharmaceutical raw materials are widely used in the.

         According to the national "eleven five" plan and the pharmaceutical industry's "eleven five" development planning, will be in the field of pharmaceutical raw materials, through the process of equipment and technology innovation to achieve 20 market growth. According to the "energy saving" use energy-saving condenser is an important content of the reform process of raw material medicine

         Since the spiral twisted tube heat exchanger is widely used in fine chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, because of its unique spiral structure so that it reflects the advantage in the solvent recovery process.

the us some specific examples to illustrate:
         Spiral twisted tube heat exchanger using dichloromethane as condenser distillation process in the process, the dichloromethane temperature from 45 DEG to 20-25 DEG 1.2t/h, flow rate, the cooling medium to deep water. The company's original use of saline water as cooling medium. Through the comparison of the two kinds of cooling water, screw thread tube heat exchanger in the success of the process to use recycled water instead of frozen water, saving a lot of operating costs for the company. The original refrigerator motor of the company is 125KW, the annual electricity only you can save the company 1000000 yuan.

         Helix screw thread pipe heat exchanger of toluene in the production process of raw material medicine of hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose in the condensation, the original design from 110 degrees to 45 degrees in the liquid condensed to two stage condensation. The first stage condenser heat transfer area of 42 m2, two heat exchange area is 28 m2. The technology uses SECESPOL condenser, heat exchange area is only 10.8 m2, the volume is the original design of the 1/20, the equipment investment is reduced by 50%, 80% reduction in the cost of installation.

              helix screw thread pipe heat exchanger performance in methanol, ethanol refluxing process is higher, the spiral plate heat exchanger design 25 m2 heat exchanger with helical screw reconstruction using 2.3 M2 pipe, cooling effect, the production efficiency has been greatly improved.

         In the process of production of pharmaceutical intermediates, API, to be applied to a lot of solvent extraction. Solvent recovery and reuse is a very important link in the pharmaceutical chemical factory. Application of solvent type pharmaceutical chemical factory is very much, include methanol, ethanol, benzene, dichloromethane, ethyl acetate and other products. At present our country is in the solvent recovery process, the condenser is tubular condenser and spiral condenser. Because of the structure of these two kinds of condenser is relatively simple, the heat transfer effect is not good, in the process of low boiling point solvent recovery in its shortcomings revealed beyond doubt. In order to improve the recovery rate, many enterprises use of saline water or cold water as cooling medium. This has brought many use, equipment investment and maintenance costs for enterprises, cause a lot of waste of energy to the society. The final result will reduce the profits of enterprises, so as to reduce the competitiveness of the company. Through the above application examples, the spiral twisted tube heat exchanger can greatly reduce the production cost, so as to enhance the market competitiveness of their products

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